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Tanya Boudreau

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Tanya Photo 2With twenty years of experience in the area of livelihoods analysis and food security, Tanya brings a unique perspective gained from a combination of extensive field experience and headquarter-level advising. Her particular interest has been in linking information about poor household realities to broad decision-making processes. She was involved as a senior advisor to USAID’s Famine Early Warning System (FEWS NET) for over ten years, helping to integrate a livelihoods framework into the project’s famine early warning context. Ms Boudreau established and helped institutionalize the first operational Household Economy assessment and monitoring system in East Africa for Operation Lifeline Sudan in 1994. She has conducted and led HEA assessments throughout Africa and Asia, specializing in conflict-prone and pastoralist areas in numerous countries, including: Angola, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Southern Sudan, Ethiopia, and Pakistan. She has authored and co-authored a number of publications, including Solving the Risk Equation: People-centered Disaster Risk Assessment in Ethiopia, HPN Network Paper 66, 2009, Food Economy and Situations of Chronic Political Instability, ODI Occ. Paper 188, 2002; ‘Coming to Terms with Vulnerability: a critique of the food security definition’ in Food Policy 26:3, 2001; and The Food Economy Approach: A Framework for Analyzing Rural Livelihoods, ODI HPN Paper 26, 1998.

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