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Stephen A Photo 2Stephen Anderson

Stephen Anderson specializes in poverty analysis and supporting policy and institutional reform processes. He is an experienced analyst and facilitator of complex reform processes. He has in depth experience and has conceptualized, designed, reviewed and evaluated both donor and government policies, strategies, and programs. He has a proven track record working in complex environments and assisting multiple stakeholders in negotiating practical and actionable outcomes.

Tanya Photo 2Tanya Boudreau

With twenty years of experience in the area of livelihoods analysis and food security, Tanya Boudreau brings a unique perspective gained from a combination of extensive field experience and headquarter-level advising. She has particular strengths in the field of disaster risk reduction and early warning systems.

Jennifer photoJennifer Bush

With over twenty years of experience, Jennifer Bush is a food security consultant, specializing in gender and development. Jennifer has worked extensively in Ethiopia and northern Kenya, as well as Zimbabwe, Nigeria and Sudan and has field experience ranging from early warning to response planning. She has particularly strong skills in evaluation, with experience in gender evaluation and the evaluation of food aid programs.

Julius final photoJulius Holt

Julius Holt is a food security expert with over 35 years of experience in livelihood assessment methods, famine early warning, poverty analysis and policy development, nutritional surveillance, and the uses and abuses of food aid. His extensive experience makes him particularly adept at comparative analyses. He is the technical leader for livelihood zoning work.

Alex PhotoAlexandra King

Alexandra King is a livelihoods and food security consultant with twenty years of experience conducting Household Economy assessments, in training others to use this methodology, and in managing food security-related projects. She has worked throughout Africa and Asia, and has a particular strength in training others to use HEA.

Mark photoMark Lawrence

A PhD nutritionist, Mark Lawrence has over 25 years of experience in the design and management of quantitative and qualitative food security assessments and famine early warning information systems. Mark is the primary developer of the Food Economy Group's Livelihood Impact Analysis Spreadsheets (LIAS) and is especially skilled at creating innovative and practical tools for solving complex practical problems.

FEG Consulting Partners

Our partners are the driving force behind our continued success - uniting their multiple disciplinary background, skills sets and expertise to deliver effective products and services.

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