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Mark Lawrence

by Stephen Browne last modified 02/13/2014 12:06

Mark photoA Ph.D. nutritionist and livelihoods specialist with more than 25 years of experience in the design and management of quantitative and qualitative livelihood assessments and famine early warning information systems, Mark has a wide range of experience in providing technical support, advice and training in the integration of livelihood baseline data with monitoring systems, and in developing concrete outcomes for decision makers. Mark is especially adept at developing practical tools for solving complex computational problems, and is the primary developer of the Livelihoods Impact Analysis Spreadsheets (LIAS) as well as numerous customized variations to link it to specific programming needs. He has hands on experience working within host governments and serving as an ongoing technical advisor, having provided lead technical support to the USAID funded Livelihood Integration Unit in Ethiopia for five years, which sought to build government capacity for livelihood analysis and assessment.  A lead technical author for the HEA toolkits, Mark has also developed assessment and training programs with WFP and UNHCR, and provided technical and training support on matters of food security, nutrition and statistics to SC-UK’s projects throughout the Horn of Africa. Mark served as a regional technical head for SC-UK in East Africa to promote and support the implementation of HEA, nutritional surveillance and early warning.

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