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Stephen Browne

by Stephen Browne last modified 02/27/2014 01:30

Stephen Browne photoStephen has been working for the Food Economy Group for the past ten years and has a strong background in food security and livelihoods analysis, early warning, program development and evaluation, livelihoods mapping, training, and information dissemination. Stephen's professional work includes applying and adapting the HEA framework for food security early warning systems and programs in Africa, the Middle East, Central and South Asia and Central and South America.  He has specialized experience using HEA to meet the needs of emerging issues in the humanitarian and development fields, including evaluation of food security and economic development programs; design and implementation of food security and nutrition assessments; and design and implementation of urban livelihood assessments. Stephen complements his field-based missions with leading capacity building exercises in scenario analysis and applied uses of HEA. He has worked in an array of environments and contexts including Afghanistan, Colombia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Honduras, Kenya, México, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Palestine, Rwanda, Tanzania, Tajikistan, Uganda, Yemen, and Zimbabwe. He is a U.S. citizen and speaks fluent Spanish.

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